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    CITADELIC is highly commited to music, jazz, improvisation and performance...


S.M.A.K. Museum, S.M.A.K. café, Q'Onda? vzw en el NEGOCITO Records present


6 march 2018: an evening of drums and percussion
ORIOL ROCA TRIO (Oriol Roca / Manolo Cabras / Giovanni Di Domenico)
     new release

Ingar Zach is part of a contingent of Norwegian avant-garde jazz musicians who organized themselves a scene in the mid- to late-'90s. A free jazz drummer with a propensity to slip effortlessly into something more non-idiomatic, Zach displays a good balance between industriousness and subtlety, much like countryman Paal Nilssen-Love.

The Barcelona percussionist Oriol Roca has performed alongside some of the best improvisers and composers of creative music in Catalonia, as well as collaborating with figures like the Italian Paolo Angeli and Norwegian Jan Bang. Now he is débuting as leader and composer with music of high emotional intensity, sometimes serene and at others volcanic, where north is always the melody.

17 april 2018
OUT OF THE BLUE (Paul Van Gysegem / Kim Van den Brempt)
PLATFORM (Xavier Charles / Katrine Schiøtt / Jan Martin Gismervik / Jonas Cambien)
     Belgian exclusive + new release

Artist Paul Van Gysegem stood at the cradle of the experimental free jazz of the seventies. As a pianist, Kim Van den Brempt is a passionate defender of the contemporary repertoire. Together they map out a route in which American minimalism is the starting point of an exciting musical jousting with space for improvisation, composition and dialogue. When two worlds meet each other, numerous possibilities arise.

Platform houses young Belgian talent Jonas Cambien (quite unknown to the public yet due to living in Scandinavia). The quartet plays acoustic, improvised music exploring slowly changing textures, elastic sonic sculptures and meditative drones. Small ideas get all the time and space they need to develop. Using prepared piano, minimalistic percussion, extended techniques on clarinet and cello, Platform creates abstract and cinematic sheets of sound. They present their latest work released on the Portuguese Cleanfeed label.


Citadelic Summer 2018

will be from the 30th of may til the 3th of june




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