become a volunteer

CITADELIC is highly commited to music, jazz, improvisation and performance...

with a summer festival in the park
and other programs at different locations
like SMAK, Atelier, Gravensteen, St-Anna, El Negocito ...









to keep on going
to have musician work on their own path in their own different ways
to stay as independant as possible


so you can help us in these ways

became our friend by making yourself

        * Citadelian I - you pay 10 euro
            - you are a Citadelian on the friends page
            - you get a surprise on Citadelic Summer Festival 2016

        * Citadelian II - you pay 25 euro
            - you are a Citadelian I plus
            - you go backstage with the musicians at Citadelic Summer Festival and get a Citadelic T-shirt

        * Citadelian III - you pay 50 euro
            - you are a Citadelian II plus
            - you get free bubbles or wine

        * Citadelian IV - you pay 100 euro
            - you are a Citadelian III plus
            - you get free entrance to all Citadelic/eNR events
            - you get the latest 3 releases

        * Citadelian V - you pay 200 euro
            - you are a Citadelian IV plus
            - you are a Citadelian Knight on the knights page
            - you get a choice of 12 bottles of wine from a selection of exclusive wines

        * Citadelian X - you pay 500 euro
            - you are a Citadelian V plus
            - you are a Citadelian King on the kings page
            - you are sponsor and have your logo/name on the poster & flyer (you can stay anonymous too if you choose)


how to get the funds to us
with mention of which Citadelian you want to be for exemple Citadelian V

Q'Onda? vzw
brabantdam 121, 9000 gent
IBAN: BE31 6524 8190 3055


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