Tom Wouters

 free concert    improvisation
BAR LUME, Vrijdagmarkt 33 GHENT

JULY 31, 2021 - 17H

Paul Van Gysegem, el NEGOCITO Records and Bar Lume invite Barcelona born pianist Josep-Maria Balanyà. This undoubtedly will be a exciting musical encounter of 2 artist, who both easily move between the visual arts and improvised music. In there work they seek interaction in which one medium has an inspiring effect on the other.

Internationally recognised as musician in the field of improvisation and the new contemporary music, experimental music and performance, Josep-Maria Balanyà explores the limits of music in his compositions and performances. He is particularly interested in the combination of different arts and the transfer of art into music. The concerts by Balanyà are powerful rituals – it could be said that he plays the piano with his whole body – during which we can perceive the presence of music change into matter.

He is also composer, conductor of improvising orchestras, sound artist, painter and photographer. Bassist Van Gysegem, best known for his monumental sculpture at Gent Sint-Pieters station, explores a new musical language, fueled by the American avant-garde of musicians such as Cecil Taylor, Steve Lacy. As a visual artist, his oeuvre is characterized by a thorough investigation of forms. This year, Paul and his quintet released the much acclaimed Square Talks as a successor to his legendary record Aorta (Futura, 1971), a historically important document in the pioneering days of European free jazz, and Traverse (el NEGOCITO, 2016).

the musicians are
Josep-Maria Balanyà: piano
Paul Van Gysegem: double bas


This is made possible with the kind support of the Flemish Government.


Josep-Maria Balanyà/Paul Van GysegemJosep-Maria Balanyà/Paul Van GysegemJosep-Maria Balanyà/Paul Van GysegemJosep-Maria Balanyà/Paul Van GysegemJosep-Maria Balanyà/Paul Van Gysegem
photographs Geert Vandepoele      





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