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concerts during the evening opening of the museum with exhibitions
* N. Dash earth
* Splendid Isolation
* Lydia Ourahmane Barzakh
* Marc De Cock: Een denkbeeldig portret in kunstwerken Uit de Collectie Matthys-Colle & S.M.A.K.
* Broodthaerskabinet



20H: Wisdom Trio (IT/US)

Wisdom Trio bestaat uit de Italianen Riccardo Luppi en Filippo Monico, en de vermaarde Amerikaanse bassist Joe Fonda, allen behorend tot een generatie muzikanten voor wie hun carrière in de jaren zeventig begon en op wie de free music die toen in de voorgaande jaren opkwam een sterke invloed had, zowel op strikt muzikaal vlak als op cultureel en emotioneel vlak.

Ze zoeken naar muzikale bevrediging en wijsheid door naar elkaar te luisteren, zichzelf te ontdoen van schema's en invloeden, en zo weg te komen van hun ego, vooral door de gebruikelijke "solist plus ritmesectie"-dynamiek wordt vermeden, "behalve op sommige momenten waarop Riccardo bijzonder melodieus is”, zegt Monico, “en we vinden dat de melodie zich moet ontwikkelen.”

Riccardo Luppi (IT) - saxofoon
Joe Fonda (US) - contrabas
Filippo Monico (IT) - percussie & drums

21H: Kaze & Ikue Mori (FR/JP/US)

Top team van improvisatoren op bezoek onder de kundige leiding van 2 heren uit Muzzix van Lille, met het top Japanse koppel improvisatoren Satoko Fujii-Natsuki Tamura en de iconische New Yorkse experimentele drumster, electronica wizzard en graphic designer Ikue Mori als special guest.

Those who have ever tried to light a fire in a breezy chimney may have a little idea of what’s blowing in the Kaze project. The quartet, fissued rom the adventurous ranks of the Muzzix collective, made the wind its patronymic. Kaze is the wind in Japanese. Kaze knows his winds with the two brass instruments blown by Natsuki Tamura and Christian Pruvost. 2 trumpets facing two hammerers: Peter Orins behind his drums and Satoko Fujii facing the keyboard of an extended piano. There’s music in the air. This quartet is definitely there. Breath of all types. The rough, the harsh and the severe, the light, the very playful and the lyrical oblique. Very large amplitude of the musical material played in a new repertoire. Nothing but hot air, yes. But very very consistent. Ideas are free, the interplay is terribly free, too. What is played here has the thickness of tales whose origins have been lost and which are reinvented in the moment, with a mischievous vivacity. And Kaze’s invitation to Ikue Mori doesn’t help this jubilant abstraction. A fraction of the DNA of DNA (this group of New York’s silly-sonics whose antics must still be shaking up contemporary concepts), Ikue Mori also knows how to play pedal to the metal. Illustrating here, disfiguring there. Far from decorating, far from nicely contraposing, his electronics pushes Kaze’s winds into even more floating limits. And the breath, for example, taken up by Pruvost, on the occasion of a solo manipulated like Bubka did with a pole (/w flexibility and power), to find a suspended moment. Voluble and ready to throw his four compatriots into contradictory debates, redirected by Peter Orins’ irrevocable typing or Satoko Fujii’s barely well tempered keyboard. “He who makes winds will live long. “My grandmother used to say. No better."
Guillaume Malvoisin | Pointbreak | About Kaze & Ikue Mori at Sons d’Hiver,January 2020

Ikue Mori (JP) - electronics
Satoko Fujii (JP) - piano
Natsuki Tamura (JP) - trumpet
Christian Pruvost (FR) - trumpet
Peter Orins (FR) - percussie & drums

met de steun van the Japan Foundation





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