Mathias Van de Wiele - Artan Buleshkaj

 nocturne   MUB'ART
Fernand Scribedreef 1, Ghent


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Back to the days of Opaatje! Opatuur revisited...


20H: Strings And Things, Mathias Van de Wiele & Artan Buleshkaj

Mathias Van de Wiele (Moker, Yelemani Trio) is a rebellious guitarist with a feeling for form and composition. Artan Buleshkaj (Anemic Cinema, HAST) is a sensible player with a playful soul. It's a combination that just works and two-thirds of the Lamar trio make up.

On the program of improvisations and compositions you may expect lots of soundscapes, and with the echo of two guitars undoubtedly some Americana, possibly even some Monk, but above all a trip of two excellent musicians who work very well together artistically.

Mathias Van de Wiele - guitar & alt horn
Artan Buleshkaj - guitar



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