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tuesday 18 OCTOBER
Evan Parker solo
Denki Udon
Eiko Ishibashi Band


wednesday 14 DECEMBER
In Memoriam Global Village (= Pericoloso ft. Xu Feng Xia)



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wednesday 16 november 2016


Key figure of NY creative jazz scene in Afro American tradition meets local heroes Giovanni 'Pantzer' Barcella and Jeroen Van Herzeele.

WILLIAM PARKER, born and raised in the Bronx, and living in the Lower East Side since 1975, has been a key figure in the New York creative jazz scene. Renowned as a composer and bassist multi- instrumentalist, Parker is also an educator and an author. William Parker is prolific recording artist, with over 150 recorded albums and countless celebrated stage appearances. In the 70's and 80's he was a key figure in organizing artist run festivals and music series. The Sound Unity Festival and Stork Records are 2 examples. These efforts served as an inspiration and guide for the Vision Festival. Musica Jazz in Italy named him musician of the year in 2007 and last year he received the Doris Duke Performing Artist Award.

photograph by Marek Lazarski

GIOVANNI BARCELLA staat voor een poëtische kijk op de noodzaak van jazz als dissident, een jazz die zich afzet tegen de onproblematische visie van de meeste muziek die we te horen krijgen. Zonder in totale anti-esthetiek te vervallen, wil hij muzikale revolte respecteren en zo een reflectie geven op de overal aanwezige muzak in jazz en andere hedendaagse muziek.

JEROEN VAN HERZEELE vond zijn eigen stem op de saxofoon. Intiem, spiritueel en instinctief, een klank in harmonie met zijn ziel. Hij is constant zijn jazzkennis aan het aanscherpen, Onophoudelijk scherpt hij zijn jazzkennis aan, op zoek naar confrontatie tussen de uitdagingen in deze snel veranderende wereld. Hun beider moto 'In alles wat je doet ligt de bevrijding in de overgave'.

William Parker: double bass
Jeroen Van Herzeele: tenor saxophone
Giovanni Barcella: drums


The powerful band the Bureau of Atomic Tourism - or The BOAT - is an avant-garde free jazz formation led by drummer Teun Verbruggen. He gathered some exceptional musicians for a trip to the twilight zone between jazz, rock, noise and electronics. The result exceeded all expectations.
The BOAT showed itself as a full-oiled band, enjoying the power of improvisation along with great compositions.

Good luck finding an appropriate genre label for Teun Verbruggen's Bureau Of Atomic Tourism. While the sextet delves headfirst into abstract free improvisation that abandons all conventional takes on musical notions such as melody, harmony and rhythm at one point, you witness them raging like a well-oiled outfit with years of experience the next. The front section of Jon Irabagon (saxophone) and Magnus Broo (trumpet) covers the entire stylistic range from muscular solos to extended techniques, and is often joined by guitarist Hilmar Jensson, who makes his instrument sing mysteriously, places poignant accents or rages with an equal eagerness.

Initially the unpredictable improv may sound like an abstract sound poem, but this switches quickly to first dazzling freak-outs in the New York avant-garde tradition or even throbbing fusion with a nod to Miles Davis' electric era, before ultimately arriving at muscular jazzrock in the vein of The Lounge Lizards and Belgium's X-Legged Sally, with ultra-tight themes, subtly introduced electronics and turbulent dynamics. And what to think of the unstoppable groove of the Flaten/Verbruggen rhythm section and the musical action painting of Jozef Dumoulin on Fender Rhodes? What could have either been a failed jump into the deep end or a haphazard performance with the handbrakes on, here leads to a powerful achievement, executed with discipline and the will to incorporate the outer edges of improvised music....'

"In case anyone wants to have some musical concepts overturned, jackhammered and then put together again in a unique, powerful way, then take your chance and watch out for the next tour of these guys!" - Simone Mani, April 2013, after the concert at AMR in Geneva Switzerland.

"Saxophonist JON IRABAGON is a subverter of the jazz form," declares Martin Longley in his Irabagon feature in the August issue of The New York City Jazz Record. "He's a revolutionary who's secretly messing with the changes (...) There are few players who can so deftly stride from postbop to free improvisation, avant country to doom metal". Jon Irabagon is the winner of the 2008 Thelonious Monk Saxophone Competition. Ever since he has since topped both the Rising Star Alto Saxophone and the Rising Star Tenor Saxophone categories in the DownBeat Magazine Critics' Poll and been named one of Time Out New York's 25 New York City Jazz Icons. Jon was also named 2012 Musician of the Year in The New York City Jazz Record. His list of current projects includes the bands Bryan & The Haggards and Mike Pride's From Bacteria to Boys as well as a longstanding partnership with legendary drummer Barry Altschul and Dave Douglas' new quintet.

HILMAR JENSSON (born in 1966 in Iceland) first picked up the guitar at the age of six and started studying formally at age eleven. Graduated from FIH School of Music in 1987, he got his Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music in 1991. Jensson performed and recorded in a wide variety of settings and appeared on over 50 records including 8 as a leader or co-leader. He performed in 35 countries with his trio "TYFT", Jim Black's AlasNoAxis, Trevor Dunn's MadLove, Mogil, Outhouse, BMX and others. He's one the founders of Kitchen Motors, an Icelandic record label, think tank and art organization.

"A Fender Rhodes specialist" is just one of the quotes describing JOZEF DUMOULIN (born in 1975 in Ingelmunster, Belgium). Dumoulin is known for being able to maintain his own voice in every musical context, whether it is traditional jazz, improvised music, pop music or contemporary music. Already immensely attracted to music and sound as a child, around the age of 16 he discovered jazz, and after high school he decided to go to the Brussels Conservatory. Later on he spent two years at the Musikhochschule of Cologne. Dumoulin has developed his unique sound on the Fender Rhodes, combining it with electronics. Using this setup, he joined forces with a number of existing formations (such as the Magic Malik Orchestra, Reggie Washington Trio Tree, Octurn, Dre Pallemaerts group, Othin Spake, Benzine, Narcissus Quartet, ...), still finding enough time to engage in other enriching get-togethers (Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Toots Thielemans, Aka Moon, Belmondo Brothers, David Lynx, ...).

The 'V' in Verbruggen stands for 'versatile'. TEUN VERBRUGGEN (April '75, Belgium) first picked up the drums by age of 8. After two summer courses with drummer Dre Pallemaerts he went to the Conservatory of Brussels where he has been taught by Hans Van Oosterhout. Since graduating from this school in 1999 he became one of the most in-demand sideman in lots of different bands and musical styles in no time. His search for a personal touch and his desire to explore all possibilities of playing music and drums, his lack of boundaries and a specific style and the non-stop trying to find fresh sounds and freedom in collective improvisation made him work with Alexi Tuomarila 4tet and Trio, Jef Neve Trio, Karanova (featuring Hilmar Jensson, Johann Johannssonn from Iceland and Mauro Pawlowski), Molo Trio, Jambangle, Rackham, Pascal Schumacher 4tet, "4", JojoBa, Streams, Silent Song, Jozef Dumoulin Trio, and many more.

MAGNUS BROO is one of those musicians whose playing undoubtedly stems from an inner necessity and who is constantly driven to express himselfas directly as possible. His melodic imagination, the width of his sound and the depth of his emotional expression can best be summed up in a gospel: "Swedish jazz is feeling great!". Since the early 1990s, Magnus Broo has been the favorite of fans, critics and musicians. But his internationally acclaimed and long awaited debut CD "Sudden Joy" only appeared in 1999. In the follow-ups "Levitation" and "Sugarpromise" he shows that the surprising heat and intensity have in no way faded. He played in many of the most respected Swedish jazz groups like drummer Fredrik Norén's band (for eight years!), The Stockholm Jazz Orchestra (plus other big bands), Jazz Furniture, Radiojazzgruppen, just to name a few.

INGEBRIGT HaKER FLATEN is a Norwegian bassist and composer. He is also a musician whose experience is both geographical and aesthetic. While the fertile Scandinavian new jazz scene offered a vast amount of opportunities to work in different bands with musicians whose concepts are as individual as the grains in a reed, Flaten has found home and on-the-bandstand education in places as far flung as Chicago and his current residence Austin, Texas. A muscular player whose tone and attack run the gamut from Paul Chambers to Buschi Niebergall, his sense of both openness and control serves ensembles as diverse as The Thing, Free Fall, Atomic, Scorch Trio and the Kornstad/Håker Flaten Duo. In addition to his own Chicago Sextet and Austin-centric Young Mothers, Flaten has also recorded and performed with Frode Gjerstad, Dave Rempis, Bobby Bradford, the AALY Trio, Ken Vandermark, Stephen Gauci, Tony Malaby, Daniel Levin, Dennis Gonzalez and numerous others.

photograph by Guy Van De Poel

Teun Verbruggen - drums
Magnus Broo - trumpet
Jozef Dumoulin - fender rhodes
Jon Irabagon - sax
Hilmar Jensson - guitar
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - bass














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