festival   CITADELIC #14
AUGUST 13 . 20H30

yelemani trio
       african rythms, tradition and improvised music

Yelemani Trio (Burkinese for “change”) was founded in March 2014 when Moussa, Mathias & Giovanni decided to form a group out of their mutual love for African and improvised music. Their music is rooted in different Burkinese traditions as well as in Jazz, impro, rock, psychedelica and electronic music. The result is an exotic sonic adventure in which dialogue, creation and positive energy are the essentiel elements…

These three musicians where/are working with several top projects such as: Banquets Nomades, Moker, BackBack, Charles Gayle Trio, Va Fan Fahre… and have been roaming the globe performing and travelling as musical gypsies.

moussa dembélé (BF) . balafon, djembé, kora, n’goni, tama, bara
mathias van de wiele . guitar, alto horn
giovanni barcella (IT) . drums, electronics


other concerts on 13.08



contemporary art on 13.08

12H - 16H    artistic intervention marie peeters
12H - 20H    performance messieurs delmotte — facts & gestures III

installations by bart van dijck, katinka de jonge, roeland tweelinckx, nathalie chambart





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