Nabou Claerhout & Jeroen Verberne

 festival   CITADELIC #14

nabou claerhout & jeroen verberne
   winner young jazz talent exploring duo for trombone

After the wonderful concert at Citadelic '20 festival, it seemed more than a smart idea to reunite these two trombone players, this time without the backup of a experienced rhythm section. These virtuosos got to know each other in 2015 at the Dutch National Youth Jazz Orchestra, where the foundation was laid for a very special friendship.

Nabou Claerhout has already become an part of the Flemish jazz scene. As a leading lady, she is the beating heart of the high-profile project N△BOU. In addition, she just won the Young Jazz Talent Contest last month. Jeroen Verberne has been active with the creme de la creme of the Dutch music scene for years and stands out as a trombonist in bands such as Gallowstreet and Chef'Special.

Together they stretch the possibilities of their instrument, as their worlds converge. Not afraid to balance on the fringes, they will complement each other's improvisations and push each other to next level musically.

Expect the trombone like you've never heard it before.

nabou claerhout . trombone
jeroen verberne . trombone



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