Trio Michel Massot, Tuur Florizoone & Marine Horbaczewski

 festival   CITADELIC #14
17 AUGUSTUS . 20H30

trio michel massot, tuur florizoone & marine horbaczewski
   sterk beeldende kracht uit de muziek . alchemie van het magisch improviseren

The accordion, tuba and cello have many common characteristics: an astonishing range, a diverse register and a very pronounced color palette. The accordionist Tuur Florizoone (Tricycle, Musicazur, Quentin Dujardin) and the tuba player Michel Massot (Mäâk, Trio Grande, Rêve d'éléphant Orchestra, …) are adventurous musicians, particularly skilled in composing and improvising. And when these two leading figures of the Belgian music scene embrace Marine Horbaczewski's cello, a powerful alchemy arises around the highly personal compositions, thanks above all to the warm sound palette that surpasses itself in magical improvisations that are as strange as they are moving.

Tuur Florizoone, Michel Massot and Marine Horbaczewski draw on jazz through their sense of improvisation, as well as on the folk traditions, as well as contemporary classical. So embrace a wide range of atmospheres that will touch the ears.

tuur florizoone . accordeon
marine horbaczewski . cello
michel massot . tuba, euphonium, trombone



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