festival   CITADELIC #14
AUGUST 13 . 19H

wave duo
   free jazz and improv meets traditional Chinese music 

From early age (5) Xu Fengxia started to learn instruments, first the Chinese lute "Pipa", later the "Sanxian", mastering at the end four traditional Chinese instruments: guzheng, guqin, sanxian and a small lute called liuqin.
After settling in Germany and starting to perform with the Gufeng Ensemble, the most famous group for traditional Chinese music in Europe, she began during the mid 90`s an intensive collaboration with the late Peter Kowald, one of the main figures of improvised music at that time, opening up for new musical horizons.

Peter Jacquemyn (1963° schaarbeek) moves easily between the visual arts and music. As a sculptor he assaults tree trunks with axe and chainsaw. His concerts are just as spectacular: with unbridled energy he lovingly wrestles his double bass. It is a battle in which all means are fair: bows, dented soda cans, crumpled paper all make for great sonic exploration. Peter Jacquemyn is considered amongst Belgium's most interesting improvisers and has an international reputation beining on stage with Fred Van Hove (piano, BE), Peter Kowald (bass, DE), Conrad Bauer (tb., DE), Takashi Yamane (cl., JP), Michael Moore (sax, US), Ernst Reysegger (cello, NL), Barre Phillips (bass, US), Paul Rutherford (tb., GB), Tony Oxley (perc., GB), Erik Boeren (tp., NL), Assif Tshahar (sax, Israël), John Edwards (bass, GB), Augusti Fernandes (piano, ES) ...

xu fengxia . guzeng (traditional chinese instrument), voice
peter jacquemyn . double bas, voice, double bass


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installations by bart van dijck, katinka de jonge, roeland tweelinckx, nathalie chambart





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