delannoye - andrioli duo

 festival   CITADELIC #14
AUGUST 14 . 17H30

delannoye - andrioli duo
   musical brothers hang out on the border of jazz and classical

Duos live are not to be missed: brilliant and inspired solo playing, exceptional musical understanding, a great mix of songs, an enlightening awareness of jazz in all its different forms and the gateway to 20th century classical music. What makes Steven (Antoine Pierre Urbex, Anemic Cinema, ...) and Nicola Andrioli (Philip Catherine's regular pianist) so compatible, moreover, is the ease with which they move widely across the line between modern and pre-modern.

It seems as if the young saxophonist Steven Delannoye and pianist Nicola Andrioli never did anything other than play together. Delannoye's saxophone lines swirl and writhe, he eagerly dives into the deep end. The pianist plays frisky, looks for stronger chords and makes the music dance. It's wonderful how they converse and let a song grow and evolve. ” Karel Van Keymeulen – De Standaard (20/07/2016)

steven delannoye . saxophones
nicola andrioli . piano



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