festival   CITADELIC #14
AUGUST 15 . 19H

   swinging jazz rhythms versus heavy rock grooves

The Ghent band Moker, formerly a quintet, led by guitarist Mathias Van de Wiele, is a trio that has it all: baggage, guts, strong compositions and humour. They bring jazz and improv with the 'hammer' as a symbol for the creative power of the 3 musical farriers. Free improvisations alternate the sound structures. Heading to their 20th anniversary should be one more reason to party on stage.

mathias van de wiele . guitar & alto horn
bart maris . trumpet & electronics
giovanni barcella . drums



other concerts on 15.08


contemporary art on 15.08

12H - 16H      artistic intervention marie peeters
12H - 20H      performance bart van dijck: wat het vuur brengt
15H - 19H      performance johanna van overmeir : achtste rust

installations by bart van dijck, katinka de jonge, roeland tweelinckx, nathalie chambart





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