boundless trio

 festival   CITADELIC #14
AUGUST 16 . 17H

boundless trio
   éminces grises of Belgian improvisation & free jazz

Bassist Paul Van Gysegem en trompettist Patrick De Groote zijn de ware pioniers van de Belgische freejazz. Ze spelen voor het eerst samen in 1966. In die woelige periode beginnen overal in Europa jonge muzikanten vrij te improviseren. Hiermee bieden ze een antwoord op de muziek van Amerikaanse boegbeelden als Albert Ayler, Don Cherry en Steve Lacy. In 1971 verschijnt de plaat ‘Aorta’ van het Paul Van Gysegem Sextet. Die is samen met de ‘Vogel Recordings’ van Fred Van Hove dé klassieker van de Belgische geïmproviseerde muziek.

Bassist Paul Van Gysegem and trumpeter Patrick De Groote are true pioneers of the Belgian free jazz. They played together for the first time in 1966. During this turbulent period, young musicians all over Europe began to improvise freely. This was an answer to the music of American figureheads such as Albert Ayler, Don Cherry and Steve Lacy. In 1971 the album 'Aorta' by the Paul Van Gysegem Sextet was released. Together with Fred Van Hove's 'Vogel Recordings', it is the classic of Belgian improvised music.

The delicate double bass and raw trumpet enter into conversation with the changing timbre of the percussion or piano. A story that is characterized by continuous alertness, by tension and relaxation, by mood swings. Listening to Boundless, you browse through a sketchbook of sound drawings.

Written in Music gave 'Boundless' no less than four stars. But there was also international praise. Jazz critic Andrey Henkin of the authoritative 'The New York City Jazz Record' included Boundless in its list of the 10 best jazz albums of the year 2017.

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patrick de groote . trompet & Flügelhorn
paul van gysegem . contrabas
chris joris . piano, drums & percussie



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